The Cult of Nut


In the spring, I did a quite bit of recording for other artists. On one particular occasion I travelled up to Mary Epworth’s house to record some vocals with her and her other half, Will, for a (new-to-me) project called Papernut Cambridge.

The band is the brainchild of ex-Death in Vegas guitarist Ian Button, but there are a whole load of people in the band – Darren Hayman and Jack Hayter (formerly of Hefner), the Austrian journalist and musician Robert Rotifer (Rotifer), Robert Halcrow (Picturebox), Ralegh Long, Mary, Will and now me.

The first time I met Papernut Cambridge was backstage at the Lexington, before a Mary Epworth show. They all seemed lovely although there were so many of them and it took me a while to put names and faces together (via the medium of internet stalking, of course). Even more confusingly, every single musician in Papernut Cambridge also makes their own music, and they all play in each others’ bands. I love the idea of this.

Last month we travelled to Big Jelly Studios in Ramsgate to record some tracks for the next album. I won’t give too much away about it, but if you love 60’s and 70’s music (pre-punk era) then I think you’ll really love this. I had a lot of fun and it was lovely to get to record in a proper studio (only the second time I’ve done it!)

Here’s a photo of us awkwardly sat on a slide, trying not to spoon each other and grimacing in pain because there was nothing to grip on to, while the pug it was installed for because it can’t get down the steps looks on, highly bewildered.

Papernut Cambridge slide action

Photo courtesy of Ian Button/Big Jelly Studios


Papernut Cambridge, Rotifer and Ralegh Long as all playing at Servant Jazz Quarters this coming Tuesday and Wednesday 25th and 26th November. Snap up your tickets here!

Union Chapel, 24th March

Hello folks,

I had a wonderful time with my band at Daylight Music in the Union Chapel this weekend. Diana Jarvis took some wonderful photos, which can be viewed here.

Here’s a video of us performing the song ‘Moon’ (with thanks to Andres Vicente):

Many thanks to all involved with Daylight Music, and to the wonderful musicians who performed with me – Mary Epworth (vocals), Ben Walker (electric guitar), Jeremy Radway (bass and vocals) and Ed Grimshaw (drums).

CH x

Maida Vale with Mary Epworth

Last Sunday I had the privilege of playing guitar and singing with Mary Epworth at Maida Vale, as part of the BBC’s 6 Music 10th Anniversary celebrations. You can listen to the session here (link expires on Easter Monday).

Apart from the amazing experience of performing my first radio session in such an historic venue and making my band debut on the electric guitar, other highlights included:

– Meeting Cerys Matthews

– Having a conversation* with Joe Boyd

– Seeing and attempting to play a cuíca, and failing miserably

Photo by Wendy Venables

Looking forward to doing lots more gigs with Mary over the summer! You can find out more about Mary here.

CH x

* Telling him which jug had hot water in it, as he’d just poured coffee over his teabag

The heaviest thing in the world

My New Year’s resolution is…

…finally fixing my 1/2″ 8 track reel to reel tape machine. It’s a Tascam 38, and it’s about the same age as me! It’s only taken me four years to get around to the task. Hope I don’t electrocute myself. Amazing what you can find to do when you have a tax return deadline looming, eh? (31st January, folks!)

I’ll post updates as things progress.  Let me know your thoughts – anyone else got one of these, or similar?

Helene x

My new guitar!

Introducing Steve, my new electric guitar. He’s an Epiphone Casino (50th Anniversary edition, in Vintage Sunburst):



What do you reckon?

CH x

Stephen Fry letter

I sent Stephen Fry a copy of my EP as a birthday present and got this letter back from his PA!


I wonder if he’s listened to it yet? Guess I’ll never know…


CH x

Welcome to the new site!


I’ll be posting various updates and musings on here very soon. In the meantime, why not join the mailing list, find me on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/citizenhelene or say hello on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/citizenhelene.

Helene x