How Can You Find Someone To Love / Bridges (Where It's At Is Where You Are)

The debut 7" single from Citizen Helene is out on WIAIWYA on 7th June 2016. Pre-order here.

Citizen Helene - Citizen Helene EP (Fair Maiden Records, 2011)

Hailing from the fossil-strewn land of Dorset's Jurassic Coast and settling in London, Citizen Helene exudes sunshine pop with a vintage twist. Taking inspiration from 60's pop, psychedelic folk and jazz, the result is a sound has been likened to that of Margo Guryan, Karen Carpenter and Joni Mitchell with English sensibilities. Citizen Helene is Helene's debut release. Produced by Fence Records artist Jeremy Radway (Player Piano), the EP has already been labelled as one to watch by 6 Music's Tom Robinson on BBC Introducing: Fresh on the Net and features BBC Folk Award-winning guitarist Sam Carter and string ensemble the Elysian Quartet. Haunting opener 'PS I Don't Love You' takes cues from bossa nova, while 'Sunday Morning Light' and ''Til Tomorrow' combine plaintive acoustic guitar with lush Beach Boys harmonies. The EP closes with bittersweet ballad 'Stephen Fry', wrapped in a string arrangement by the Memory Band's Sarah Scutt. This debut is eclectic as it is eccentric, merging styles and bringing them up to date while drenched in Citizen Helene's unmistakable voice. Citizen Helene is out now. Click below to buy a CD (£5 + £2 P&P). Ships worldwide.


  1. PS I Don't Love You
  2. Sunday Morning Light
  3. 'Til Tomorrow
  4. Stephen Fry
  To purchase a digital download of the EP please visit the Citizen Helene Bandcamp page.