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The Cult of Nut


In the spring, I did a quite bit of recording for other artists. On one particular occasion I travelled up to Mary Epworth’s house to record some vocals with her and her other half, Will, for a (new-to-me) project called Papernut Cambridge.

The band is the brainchild of ex-Death in Vegas guitarist Ian Button, but there are a whole load of people in the band – Darren Hayman and Jack Hayter (formerly of Hefner), the Austrian journalist and musician Robert Rotifer (Rotifer), Robert Halcrow (Picturebox), Ralegh Long, Mary, Will and now me.

The first time I met Papernut Cambridge was backstage at the Lexington, before a Mary Epworth show. They all seemed lovely although there were so many of them and it took me a while to put names and faces together (via the medium of internet stalking, of course). Even more confusingly, every single musician in Papernut Cambridge also makes their own music, and they all play in each others’ bands. I love the idea of this.

Last month we travelled to Big Jelly Studios in Ramsgate to record some tracks for the next album. I won’t give too much away about it, but if you love 60’s and 70’s music (pre-punk era) then I think you’ll really love this. I had a lot of fun and it was lovely to get to record in a proper studio (only the second time I’ve done it!)

Here’s a photo of us awkwardly sat on a slide, trying not to spoon each other and grimacing in pain because there was nothing to grip on to, while the pug it was installed for because it can’t get down the steps looks on, highly bewildered.

Papernut Cambridge slide action

Photo courtesy of Ian Button/Big Jelly Studios


Papernut Cambridge, Rotifer and Ralegh Long as all playing at Servant Jazz Quarters this coming Tuesday and Wednesday 25th and 26th November. Snap up your tickets here!